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UPC Board of Directors

The board of directors at UPC brings with them comprehensive knowledge in the fields of insurance, finance, and business strategies, ensuring a versatile and informed assembly of decision makers and influencers.

The appointment of this board brought together a diverse group of leaders with extensive experience in a variety of business verticals, ranging from banking to medicine. Their expertise contributes to UPC’s strong history of growth and profitability in these uncertain and ever-changing economic times.

Responsible for oversight and leadership, this board advises UPC in the best ways to Keep the Promise®.

Meet Our Board Members

Gregory C. Branch
Chairman of the Board
Branch Properties, Inc.
First Elected Date: 1999
Current Term Expires: 2019
R. Daniel Peed
Vice-Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer
Insurance Executive/AmRisc, LLC.
First Elected Date: 2017
Current Term Expires: 2019
Kern M. Davis, M.D.
Pathology Associates, PA
First Elected Date: 2006
Current Term Expires: 2018
John L. Forney
President and Chief Executive Officer
United Insurance Holdings Corp.
First Elected Date: 2012
Current Term Expires: 2019
Michael R. Hogan
Insurance Agency Owner (Retired)
First Elected Date: 2017
Current Term Expires: 2019
William H. Hood, III
First Elected Date: 2000
Current Term Expires: 2018
Sherrill W. Hudson
Corporate Executive and CPA (Retired)
First Elected Date: 2013
Current Term Expires: 2018
Patrick F. Maroney
Professor, Retired
Emeritus Florida State University
First Elected Date: 2017
Current Term Expires: 2018
Alec L. Poitevint, II
Agribusiness Executive/Southeastern Minerals, Inc.
First Elected Date: 2001
Current Term Expires: 2018
Kent G. Whittemore
The Whittemore Law Group, PA
First Elected Date: 2008
Current Term Expires: 2019