Texas Agent Center

Texas Agent Center

How do I know which system to use?  Use the Agent Interact system if the policy number contains no letters. Use the Agency Link system if the policy number begins with 3 letters.

Agent Interact

Quote a new business HO3 and HO6 policies or access any existing policy beginning with 43 and does not contain letters. Use Agent Interact to view commissions. The commission view role is required to view Agent Interact commissions.
Agency Link

Quote a new business HO4, HO5, or DP3 policy or access any existing policy beginning with UTH, UTD, or UTW. Log into the Agency Link Commission Statement Center to view your commissions statement or enroll in direct deposit for your Homeowners and/or Dwelling Fire program commissions.
Flood Portal

Access a flood policy through FloodPro, the flood policy processing system.

Agent Requests

Use the quick links below to become a UPC Agent or to submit an update.

Appointment Request Icon

Click here to complete a request to become a UPC Agent/Broker.

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Submit an Agency update.

Loss Run Request Icon

Submit a Loss Run request.

Flood Appointment Request Icon

Submit a Flood Appointment Request.

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Click here to begin receiving downloads through IVANS.