Flood Insurance

Every property can be at risk for a flood — America’s most common disaster. Before any dark clouds loom over you, explore how UPC Insurance, partnering with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and our private flood market, offers a full suite of flood insurance options.


If It Rains, Your Flood Risk Is Real

Flood insurance is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your home, family, and financial security. Even if you live outside a flood hazard area, your home, family, and belongings could still be at risk. In fact, 20-25% of all floods affect medium- and low-risk areas.  

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Can You Afford NOT to Have Flood Coverage?  

Federal assistance isn’t always available after a flood. Only 50% of all floods generate federal assistance. Plus, if you live in a vulnerable area, you’re 26 times more likely to suffer a flood than a fire over the life of a 30-year mortgage, according to the Federal Insurance Administration (FIA). 

When you live in a low- to medium-risk area, flood insurance is less expensive than it is for those living in high-risk areas. Nevertheless, you obtain the same benefits of security and peace of mind. 

Flood Coverage Options from UPC Insurance

NFIP Coverage

Get reliable coverage with NFIP, the national standard for flood insurance. All flood zones are eligible for this type of coverage. It’s available for homes in participating flood communities and coverage options are available for up to $250,000 for the structure, with universal lender acceptance. 

Private Flood Insurance for Customized Coverage Options

Private flood insurance from UPC can offer coverage options to better suit your needs at a lower price. These options can offer coverage for various needs and many other benefits.

Private Flood Coverage Enhancements

UPC Insurance also offers a variety of private flood insurance options that fit a diverse range of needs.

Coverage by State

Select your state to explore the UPC Insurance products tailored to where you live.  

“We have utilized insurance only once before in our 20 years of home ownership and that was Hurricane Charley. Being new to the process, our adjuster called, moved quickly, and provided supreme service during the process, making us feel really comfortable that a bad situation would be OK. We were very satisfied with the UPC service team and our adjuster’s work and want to thank you all!”

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Fort Myers, FL