About Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance is the best thing you can do to safeguard your home, family, business, and financial security.


Safeguard Your Home with Comprehensive Flood Coverage

Even though you may not live in a high-risk flood hazard area, you are still at risk. Floods, America’s most common disaster, are as unpredictable as they are devastating. In fact, from 20-25% of all floods may affect medium- and low-risk areas. According to the Federal Insurance Administration (FIA), if you live in a vulnerable area, you’re 26 times more likely to suffer a flood than a fire over the life of a 30-year mortgage. What makes this particularly devastating is that while most residents have fire insurance as part of their homeowners policies, less than 25% have flood insurance.

The good news is that the same UPC Insurance agents who provide you high quality, comprehensive, homeowners insurance programs also offer the best flood protection insurance available.

Should you have a claim and you have both homeowners and flood insurance with UPC Insurance, you will work with our adjusters who will provide you with complete service for wind and flood damage. Working with UPC Insurance adjusters makes it easier to manage your recovery from losses due to the heavy rain, winds, and flooding that come from severe storms and hurricanes.

UPC Insurance responds with strength and diligence.

Bridging the gap between homeowners insurance and the threat of flood damage is half the story. Dependable flood coverage requires a strong, knowledgeable company to quickly process diverse claims.

Handling claims is even more critical in areas where disaster can strike with the suddenness and selectivity of lightning and storms. As a stable company, UPC Insurance has the experience, the strength, and the will to do whatever it takes to help when you need it most.

Our quick response is one of the reasons that UPC Insurance continues to grow while serving the protection needs of the American family. 

Federal assistance isn’t always available.

Only 50% of all floods generate federal assistance. Then, even if you do qualify, and the President declares a disaster emergency, the support is usually in the form of a loan that you will have to pay back with interest.

You can’t afford not to have it.

Although the damage caused by floods can be extremely debilitating to anyone, the cost of flood insurance is relatively low. When you live in a low- to medium-risk area, flood insurance is less expensive than it is for those living in high-risk areas. Nevertheless, you obtain the same benefits of security and peace of mind.

Reduce Your Worries at the Time of a Disaster

Worry makes families uneasy and disturbs their peace of mind. UPC Insurance wants you to worry less and enjoy life more. Our goal is to give you better control over your recovery should a disaster strike. We can’t stop the rising water, we can’t prevent loss or disaster, but we can insure your recovery.

Coverage by State

If you’re wondering which options are best for you, select your state and connect with a helpful UPC Insurance agent who can walk you through specific options based on your needs.