Homeowners Insurance

Your home is where family gathers, memories are made, and sentimental objects are stored. It’s not just an investment, it’s a place for refuge and comfort. UPC Insurance understands the significance of your home. Learn more about homeowners insurance that fits your needs.


Home Sweet Home, On Your Terms

UPC Insurance offers homeowners insurance packages with flexible options, allowing you to customize your coverage. Our standard homeowners policy includes dwelling, personal property, loss of use, and liability.

Understanding Basic Homeowners Insurance 

Whether you’ve just purchased your first house or you’ve been a homeowner for years, comprehending the insurance policies related to homeownership can be confusing.

Homeowners insurance is sold in packages. Each home is unique and you may not need certain options, such as coverage for detached structures like a shed. In some markets, you could receive a credit resulting in a lower premium when coverages are removed.

A homeowners policy has two parts: Section I and Section II. Section I of the policy deals with coverage for property items, while Section II relates to liability coverage. See which coverages fall under each section.


Self-Inspection Program for Your Convenience

Your life is busy and your schedule may not have room for a home inspection appointment. Fortunately, UPC Insurance now provides a state-of-the art home inspection solution for our homeowners. The home self-inspection program allows you to complete your own home inspection directly from a smartphone or tablet. Discover how this program works and what to expect.

Coverage Enhancements for Homeowners 


Personal Property

You have options if your personal property has been damaged. Knowing how much your belongings are worth will help you make sure everything you value is adequately covered if an incident arises. Our homeowners policy comes with limited personal property coverage. 

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Home Systems Protection

You don’t take equipment that provides heating, cooling, and electricity for granted. Neither do we. Be prepared with critical coverage in the event equipment breaks down – which could cost $6,000 or more to repair. 

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Service Line Coverage

Be prepared if repairs are needed on service lines such as your water, sewer, and other utilities running underground from the street to your home. Between water, power, cable, data, and gas, today’s homes are connected. Cover those critical connections.

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What to Know Before Buying Coverage

Ordinance or Law

It’s important to understand the regulation specifications when repairing a home after damages. A partial loss could trigger an ordinance or law that could cause you to pay more than the amount of loss covered by your standard policy. That’s where Ordinance or Law coverage comes in. 

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Liability coverage in your policy has several advantages. It pays the damages that are awarded to the other person when you are found to be liable for bodily injuries or property damage. It also pays for the cost of an attorney to defend you. 

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Windstorm Mitigation

Having features like storm shutters or impact-resistant doors to protect your home against hurricanes and other windstorms can lower your premiums. Know which features minimize the effects of wind to create a safer environment for your family during a storm.  

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Water Loss Prevention Credit

Damages caused by water can be costly. They can even require relocation. Get a credit on your policy if you provide us with a certification by a licensed plumber that the plumbing system, all connections, and all appliances attached to the system are sound and free of defects.

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The Lowdown on Flood Coverage

Did you know standard homeowners insurance does not cover flooding? Plus, federal assistance after a flood isn’t always available. See why you need flood coverage even if you don’t live in a flood zone. 

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Coverage by State

Select your state to explore the UPC Insurance products tailored to where you live.  

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