Home Self-Inspection Program

Added Convenience. Increased Comfort.

We know that finding the time for a home inspection can be tough. To help Keep the Promise® and continue to bring you the best insurance coverage, UPC is now offering Home Self-Inspections for select policyholders.

Some of the benefits of our new Home Self-Inspection Program include:

  • Convenience – skip scheduling an appointment, you can submit the photos on your own time
  • Ease – with straightforward instructions, it’s never been easier to complete a home inspection
  • Comfort – no strangers entering your home
  • Improved Claims – with video recording, claims handling can be done with more detail

If you have questions about any aspect of the process, please reach out to our Client Experience Center via phone or email.
Policyholders: (866) 515-4428
Agents: (866) 515-4921
Email: cec@upcinsurance.com

It’s as Easy as Sending a Photo

It’s simple. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, and to follow a few easy steps for photographing the pertinent parts of your home. Things like the exterior, air handling units, electrical panel, and plumbing will all be covered in your home inspection. After that, you’ll record a short walkthrough of your main living area. Your photos and videos will instantly be uploaded to UPC Insurance for review. Quick. Simple. Easy.

Once your UPC Insurance policy is written, you will receive instructions directly from UPC for your home inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in learning more about UPC Insurance’s Home Self-Inspection Program? View our flyer, or download our helpful guide to see examples of required photos.

UPC Insurance will email and text you the home self-inspection link within ten days from the effective date of the policy. You can use either the email or text message option to start the process. It's an easy step-by-step process that follows the format of a 4-point inspection. You have 14 days to complete the home self-inspection.

Yes, the home self-inspection is required. If you are unable to complete the inspection, forward the email/text to someone who can complete the inspection on your behalf.

There will be three notifications sent to you. The initial notification is sent to you within ten days after the policy effective date via email and/or text message. If there is no response, a reminder is sent three days later. A third and final notification is sent within seven days of the second reminder. 

The agent will receive a notification at the time of binding if you have been selected for a Home Self-Inspection. The agent will not receive a copy of the emails or texts sent to you.

You should only complete the parts of the inspection you are able to easily access. For example, if the air conditioner unit is in the attic, you can simply add a comment regarding the location to bypass the photo requirement.

UPC Insurance will send three different communications to you regarding your home self-inspection. However, failure to respond to the third self-inspection attempt will result in policy cancellation due to failure to inspect. The agent will receive the cancellation notice in their respective policy administration system.

We will consider a full home inspection or 4-point inspection as an exception to the UPC home self-inspection. The inspection cannot be older than 12 months and must contain pictures and inspection notes outlining the condition of the home (including the roof, air/heating system, plumbing, and electrical system at minimum).

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