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Dad and son grilling

Summer Grilling Safety

The weather is warming, and outdoor activities are on the rise. Many Americans look forward to bar...

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Leaky water pipe being fixed

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

Water is your home’s worst enemy. Water damage is one of the largest preventable claims that affec...

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Save Money All Around the House

These tips will help save money and increase your home’s efficiency. Help your home run more smoot...

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Person setting house alarm with keypad

Guard Against Burglary and Theft

According to the FBI, home break-in (burglary) is the most common threat to your home. A home burg...

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Icicles hanging off roof

Winter Weather Safety

Have you prepared your home for the hazards of winter? Many people don’t realize that taking a few...

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Woman maintaining exterior of home

Home Maintenance Checklist

Taking care of a home is never-ending labor of love. A million little things around your house nee...

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Close up of ornaments on Christmas tree

Safe and Happy Holidays

Do you know on average 250 home fires start with Christmas trees per year? The result of these fir...

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fallen tree after a hurricane storm

When the Storm Passes

Returning to normalcy and avoiding further damages are the biggest goals following a hurricane. Th...

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Palm trees blowing in wind during a storm

At Home During a Storm

Enduring a hurricane can be hard on your loved ones and your property. You could experience power ...

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Prepare for a Storm

Prepare for a Storm

Whether it’s a Tropical Storm or Category 5, preparing for a storm is imperative for the safety of...

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