Hurricane Preparation

Preparing for a Storm

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What to Look For in an Insurance Company:

  • Stability—look for a company that has been active for a number of years
  • History—look for a company that has weathered storms successfully
  • Claims Expertise—look for a company that knows how to handle claims after a catastrophe
  • Products—look for a company that has the products to meet your needs

Please remember—your homeowners policy does not cover flood, only flood insurance covers flood.

Preparing for a Storm:


  • Contact your agent to make sure that your policy is current. Make sure that any changes have been made and that payments are up to date
  • Take a personal inventory of your home and record your personal belongings
  • Micro-chip your pet
  • Trim all trees that are near or overhanging your home
  • Gather personal hurricane supplies such as batteries, radio, flashlight, and water
  • Check your windows and garage door to ensure that they are secure

To Protect Your Property After A Loss:


  • Take reasonable steps to protect your home and property from further damage by doing temporary repairs.
  • Do not contract for any permanent repairs until an adjuster has inspected the damage.
  • If you relocate from your address or change your contact phone numbers notify your agent and your adjuster.
  • Take photographs of the damage.
  • Keep all receipts and invoices.
  • Use only licensed and insured contractors who are properly registered with the local Building Authority, and obtain itemized repair estimates.