Coverage Options in Louisiana

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Our Promise to Louisiana

In December 2014, UPC launched its premier products, customer service, and claims handling to the residents of Louisiana.

UPC was founded in St. Petersburg, FL in 1999 and has successfully operated and grown after many storms in the difficult Florida marketplace. UPC flourished after the 2004-2005 storm season with profitable results in spite of 8 hurricane landfalls, 33,000 claims, and over half a billion dollars in incurred losses.

UPC Insurance proudly serves Independent Agents and their customers in Louisiana by providing a variety of coverages designed for Louisiana property owners where storm seasons present challenges. UPC prides itself in providing premier customer service and claims handling when disaster strikes.

The following coverage are offered to customers in Louisiana:

Homeowners Insurance (HO3 and HO5)
Condominium Owners Insurance (HO6)
Renters Insurance (HO4)
Dwelling Fire Insurance (DP3)Flood Insurance