Why Independent Agents?

Why should I do business with an independent agent?

When you go to the store to purchase a specific item, you can go to two different types of stores: a manufacturer outlet or a department store. The manufacturer outlet carries only items from that particular manufacturer while the department store carries similar items from multiple manufacturers.

The same is true in the insurance world. There primarily two types of agents: exclusive agents and independent agents. Exclusive agents typically represent one company or company group. If that company or company group does not write the coverage you need or no longer wants to carry your insurance, the exclusive agent has no other company to go to. On the other hand, the independent agent represents multiple companies. He or she may use one company for your home, another for your auto, and still another for other coverages you may need or want. If one of those companies decides to no longer write your coverage, your independent agent can place you with another company he or she represents. In other words, your independent agent offers you a choice.