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Reinsurance Program

UPC is Built to Keep the Promise.

More Protection. Better Financial Stability. Greater Peace Of Mind.

UPC’s catastrophe reinsurance program is structured to offer unique protection for both severity and frequency—in other words, it is built to protect against both very large storms and multiple storms in the same year. Since 1900, there has never been a hurricane event or season that would have exhausted more than 55% of our reinsurance coverage.

We’re Prepared for Tomorrow. The Rest is History.

Our extraordinarily strong and unique cascading coverage reinsurance plan protects against a one-in-more-than-400 year event—plus single and multiple-named storm seasons. See how our reinsurance program compares to historical events below.

How Our Reinsurance Program Compares to Historical Events.

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Our Strength in Numbers. 

  • $3.1 billion of additional reinsurance protection
  • $535 million of equity capital
  • 55 unaffiliated capital providers who either carry A.M. Best financial strength ratings of “A-” or higher, or fully collateralize their obligations in cash

Our agreements structure coverage into layers, whereby if the aggregate limit of the preceding layer is exhausted, the next layer protection drops down for subsequent events until exhausted; thereby, guaranteeing there are no gaps in coverage.

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